Yoga Gift Guide


After managing a yoga accessory website for any year I collected a great deal of details about the items I have been selling. According to my own experience, my customers’ feedback and also the reviews and rankings I just read on other site, I give the most popular yoga items of the year.

Yoga Mats

The marketplace is saturated with a myriad of mats. The most recent craze is biodegradable items. Individuals are all of a sudden becoming conscious to the fact that a typical PVC yoga pad will require 100s of many years to decompose inside a landfill. Yoga companies have modified and today market natural and eco-friendly yoga mats because the only option for true yogis. I believe the simple truth is somewhere in the centre. I’ve selected the very best 3 yoga mats that aren’t completely biodegradable, yet you will find no better carrying out and much more durable mats currently available.

For those who have limitless budget

Just obtain a Manduka BlackMat Professional – this is actually the best pad ever and it will stay by doing this for some time. Manduka mats are famous for his or her extreme sturdiness, top quality of fabric and superior performance. Based on size, this pad may cost as much as $100. The more and wider – the heavier they’re, remember that. This is actually the Comes-Royce of yoga mats which will never enable your slip or slide, never bunch up rather than result in and discomfort. If you prefer a sure factor – here it is.

If you wish to spend as much as $50

My first choice within the “reasonable” range may be the Jade Harmony. Jade makes excellent natural rubber yoga mats which are only second in quality towards the above pointed out Manduka mats. The Harmony features porous open cell design, reinforcing scrimmage inside and consists of sustainable biodegradable material. This pad offers excellent support and padding and excellent traction while weighing substantially under Manduka BlackMat.

If you’re searching for something affordable yet top quality

Since yoga mats only improve with cost, it had been hard to choose a great yoga pad under $30, but my experience implies that any yoga pad produced by Gaiam would fit perfectly into this category. Gaiam makes high-quality yoga items for those who aren’t prepared to spend a great deal on yoga add-ons. Gaiam, for me is much like the IKEA from the yoga industry.

Yoga Towels

These aren’t regular gym towels. Best yoga towels are not only very absorbent, additionally they grip for your pad very tightly. I’m able to with confidence suggest the YogiToes brand, because they are presently the unparalleled leader within the yoga towel industry. While other brands are making up ground, Yogitoes continue to be broadly acknowledged as the designers of best yoga towels using their SkidLess type of items.

Yoga Blocks

Hugger Mugger makes excellent cork yoga blocks which are character friendly, lightweight and incredibly enjoyable to make use of. You will never inflict better for yoga blocks, cork provides great padding and resistance that will help you keep the balance. These yoga blocks sell very well and individuals appear to be really pleased about Hugger Mugger items.

Yoga DVD

You will find plenty of yoga-related video material, also it can be very overwhelming looking for probably the most appropriate selection. According to Amazon’s rankings and testimonials Rodney Yee’s yoga Dvd disks are fantastic, also anything with Shiva Rea guarantees to impress a novice yogini. For energy yoga workout routines try the Ashtanga Primary and Secondary Series Dvd disks on Amazon . com.

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