Am I Beautiful Enough?

Throughout the ages beautiful women have turned the heads of the most powerful men on earth. Battles have been fought, won and lost for the love of a woman whose beauty has bewitched rulers of ancient times and stories of actresses marrying kings have always enchanted us with their fairy tale endings.

In today’s ultra modern society a woman is expected to be fashionable and they should do the utmost to stay as beautiful as they possibly can. There are hundreds of beauty products on the market which claim to be able to do miracles and woman throughout the world spend a fortune on them in the hope that they will be able to slow time down a little.

Plastic Surgeons can turn back time with their surgical skills and Botox has certainly made its mark by offering women the chance of ridding themselves of those unwanted wrinkles with an injection or two. Growing old gracefully has become a thing of the past as more and more women treat themselves to the various procedures that keeps them looking young, manicured and beautiful.

Women will ask themselves the question ‘am I beautiful enough’ because peer pressure today is intense. Everywhere a woman looks they see stars of the silver screen, super models in glossy fashion magazines and singers who just get better looking as time goes by. Women feel that they need to keep pace with these icons who smile so confidently on the front pages the glossy journals on the newsstands.

In recent years just as in ancient times women have been expected to be beautiful, men adore having an attractive female on their arm because it gives them feel good. The beautiful woman is his trophy that he proudly shows off to the world and other men admire and even lust after her. History has certainly proved that this is often the case with the ‘face that launched a thousand ships’.

The cosmetic industry has nursed their billion dollar trade by researching miracle creams and other products which they market through expensive add campaigns to women who hunger for these products no matter what they cost. Dentists can give anyone that perfect smile. A nip here and a tuck there from a Plastic Surgeon will give a woman that near perfect body and a few silicone implants later the woman blossoms from an ugly duckling into that beautiful swan.

A woman can be transformed from head to her toes with all sorts of procedures that will enhance her looks and make her look and feel a million dollars. The fact that it most probably will cost as much does not matter to the woman because the end result is worth the money she has to spend.

The question a woman will always ask herself no matter how beautiful she is will remain the same throughout time. Am I beautiful enough? The answer is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what one person thinks of as beautiful another may not.

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