Star Your Own Business – Wholesaling From China

Many people may want to become the boss of ourselves and not the slave of others. On-line selling of goods will be a good idea if we can find some good products in very low cost. To import goods directly from China will surely meet the requirement as most goods there cost very low. However, we may worry that we cannot find some suppliers if our quantity is not great. And buying from importers and distributors will increase our cost, while importing buy our own we have to deal with all the issues of custom and shipping.

However, now things are much easier. We may know that many companies buying goods from a B2B website named alibaba. And Alibaba now has another platform (B2C) named AliExpress for wholesaling.

Launching at, we will find lots of wholesalers from China. (In fact, many of these suppliers come from, who now agree to sell their products in small quantity.) They can find us shipping agents who can ship the goods by couriers (such as FedEx, DHL and TNT) in low cost. These agents have agreements with the couriers in which the couriers will give them some discount. Besides, these couriers will also have agents in many foreign countries that can help us to deal with the custom.

It will still give us some troubles as we may find too many goods and suppliers there. Be patient. We need to classify and narrow these suppliers to find out a few ones that are suitable to us. Just remember one more thing that you can never buy the goods in the best quality in the lowest price.

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