10 Great Benefits of Halloween

halloween-mart-300x300How do you feel about the Halloween? Are you getting into the action of dressing up or helping your children find a costume? Or are you just looking forward to November 1st?

Since I am a holistic Marriage, Family Therapist, I focus on the different ways that people can feel better physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. My mission is to help people to “love themselves to peace,” which I believe is the key to health, happiness, success, and world peace.

As I observe this holiday, I notice some major benefits of celebrating its festivities. To begin with, people have fun dressing up their homes, offices, and selves. Having fun is beneficial at all ages. It reduces stress, helps us be more positive, and balance our lives.

Secondly, most people have been programmed by their parents and society to conform to a specific dress code. However, on this holiday, everyone is encouraged to wear whatever they desire and be as outrageous as they choose.

Thirdly, we have many sides to our personalities and we often hide them from others and ourselves. On Halloween we have the opportunity to express a different part of us. For example, John was brought up to be a quiet, nice little boy. On Halloween he loves to be a loud, scary ghost. How healing it is to express this side of himself in a safe, fun way.

The fourth treat of Halloween is it is an excuse to take time out from busy schedules to have parties and socialize.

Another benefit of Halloween parties is that people who feel shy in groups are more likely to come out to these events. Wearing masks and costumes can help them feel less self-conscious, and offers them an opportunity to feel comfortable in a situation that is usual not.

This holiday also offers children the opportunity this one time in the year to dress up, go to people’s homes, and ask for treats. They experience the gift of receiving. Healthy snacks, little, safe toys, or coins would be great choices to give these young ones in costumes.

Meanwhile, children offer others the opportunity to experience the gift of giving (in this case, treats). It is very healthy to enjoy the gift of giving and receiving.

The eighth benefit of this holiday is the fun adults and children have as a family project to pick pumpkins, cut them into faces, and light the inserted candles. In these busy times, quality family time is a gift to everyone involved. Of course, decorating the home inside and out, making Halloween cookies, etc. are more fun family activities.

I personally love to go into the stores on October 31st and see how the sales people dress up. It is fun for me to especially observe the bank tellers in their outrageous costumes. Therefore, even if I do not participate in all of the above, I still can have fun on that special day.

The tenth way we can benefit from this fall holiday is it offers us an excuse to meet our neighbors. When adults accompany children to other homes to say, “Trick or treat!” they can also introduce themselves to people in the area.

In summary, there are numerous ways you can appreciate this holiday and how you can participate. If you focus on the positive, you can enjoy October 31st, no matter what you choose to do.



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