How To Choose The Best Halloween Costume That Won’t Leave You Red

Spirit_Halloween_Costumes_Ideas-1Choosing the best costume can be tricky. Either it shows all your body parts or none at all. If you have problems with your outfit for the past few years, then here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing your costume.


Read the Label
That Cosplay costume might make you look awesome and manga-like; however, it is important to read the label before buying the costume. Many costumes are made of different materials. Some may also be dyed to look vibrant and realistic. That said, these materials might also contain flammable materials or dyes that might run-off when the outfit is washed. Check the caution label to know if the outfit is flame resistant or if the dye would come off when washed.


Right Sizing
Another mistake that many people commit when shopping for costumes is not fitting before buying. As we have different body sizes, it is important to try it out before buying. Choose a costume that will allow you to do regular activities comfortably. Opt for a breathable and comfortable costume instead of snuggling yourself into a costume that is one size smaller just to look sexy or thin. This might backfire on you and you might end up embarrassing yourself in front of your friends. If you have kids or are shopping for them, it is best to look for costumes while taking into consideration their safety as well. Avoid long and billowing outfits as well as those with long sashes as this might catch on the kid’s feet and cause them to trip.


Health Issues
If you have hypersensitive skin or allergies, again, it is best to check the label to know what type of material is used in making the costume. Some fabrics also tend to cause rashes especially when the outfit is tight and the fabric rubs the skin. Some companies make hypoallergenic costumes, albeit expensive, it can be worth it especially as you don’t have to contend with allergies or rashes.


You and Your Soles
The one that receives the least attention, but is the most crucial part of a perfect outfit are the soles that you would be pairing with your costume. If you are attending an adult party then wearing high heels would be perfect for your outfit, that is however not the case when it comes to supervising your kids and having to knock door-to-door for candies. Choose the appropriate footwear and you will certainly enjoy the night.


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