Plant Based Meal Plans for Beginners – Are They Healthy for You?

When I was researching how to lower my very high blood pressure, I discovered plant-based meal plans for beginners and I wondered are they healthy for you? It really wasn’t a diet as in terms of someone selling a plan, it was simply incorporating plant-based foods into my life. I also read that meat and dairy products are very bad for you. Now some people will jump all over this and say you need meat to get your protein. I will get into that a few paragraphs down the article.

First of all why the withdraws? To simply put this, you have lived you’re whole life eating meat. Your body has never experienced not having the animal fat that it had processed all this time. Same with dairy. Imagine this, from a young age you’re eating dairy with your cereal. Your body grew accustom to storing that animal fat to burn at a later time. Being young most have so much energy that you’re body actually burns most of it. What happens when we start getting older. You got it, we store it and don’t get it burnt off.

Your body is like a machine, as it works through time, it develops the markings of time. I hope I made that make sense. It’s like forensics when a gun has been fired off, it leaves the markings of the activity. So if your body has been accustomed to storing this animal product, that is want it knows to do.

When you make the change to a plant-based diet, you’re body say’s “wait a minute, I don’t know how to work this, I have nothing to store”. At first, you will feel great because you’re burning everything eat, but I noticed after a few days, my body started craving the storing of animal fat. That is the reason for withdraw symptoms.


As I worked through withdraws of no animal by products, I had to keep focused because the world will not let you forget that it wants you to continue eating those products. You can see that on TV all day long. So I had to work on it. Something started to change. I started losing weight, I started feeling way more energy. I didn’t feel tired anymore after I ate food. Matter of fact I felt amazing. You truly never know how bad you feel until you start feeling good. The withdraws subsided quickly once my body adjusted to actually burning what I was eating and not in storing mode.

One thing I was trying to figure out was my daily meals. I needed help. I looked into vegan prepared meals. I thought they would be like anything else, too much processed products. They were not. They actually have less sodium and very little oil. I actually had room to flavor them to my liking.


No, and I am a living testament to this. Now I am not a doctor or a nutritionist, I can’t give you advice for your health. You need to see your doctor to make the best plan for you. I am only telling you my opinion. I have talked about protein in a recent article and actually broke down some of the best protein options. You can check that out by clicking here. Truth is living a high protein diet can actually cause more harm to your body. The protein really isn’t the problem, it’s the bad fat that comes with it.

Disease is possibly a by-product of this type of high animal protein diet. Just look in the world today. The countries that eat more of a plant-based diet have much less disease. Just look at the United States, one of the leading countries in obesity. One of the highest countries with type 2 diabetes.

You can get more of your daily protein just by doing a plant based diet. Plus you don’t have the fat that stores on your body and so hard to work off. To me this makes sense. Oh did I also mention, my blood pressure is back to normal levels, I have lost 80 pounds and still going. Why wouldn’t I do this?

Plant based meal plans for beginners are they healthy for you? Finding the right meal plan for you would be a great idea. Our busy schedules do not allow for us to every single day prepare and cook a meal. Especially with children. These meals are quick, easy and are strictly plant-based. Great for the kids after school as well. I would always use the meal plans to keep on track. I still cook my regular meals as well.


Why wouldn’t you try to use these plans for controlling you’re vegan diet and you’re meat and dairy cravings. They don’t have the animal by products, which means the fat intake is very low and they also have plans for weight loss as well. If you’re a beginner, I would use these all day long until you have mastered you’re plant based lifestyle. Please remember these are purely my thoughts and opinions and by no means backed by a doctor.

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