Walgreens, Bringing Green Products “To Every Corner Drugstore In America”


Walgreens unique position being an a countrywide leader within their industry provides them the chance to provide and support eco-friendly items within their huge network of round-the-clock store locations. Additionally, it puts them capable of persuade their rivals to complete exactly the same. That states nothing regarding the possibilities at hand when it comes to offering holistic, eco-friendly and organic health items. Again, in interest of justness it is really an area where steps happen to be taken…but there’s still room for improvement. While certain eco-friendly items happen to be outlined and given prominent display positioning- a lot of their inventory is identical old landfill blocking…”stuff” that plagues America today.

This gives mind the main reason I made the decision to create this short article. Walgreens, like a number of other lengthy standing companies today is within an uncomfortable position. While they’re battling to wrap their strategy around the thought of sustainability they’re still affected having a lengthy legacy of conventional, pollutant, not sustainable business practices. Regrettably that’s a thing that no business can alter overnight. This issue are only able to be addressed through consistent long-term efforts. No sweeping initiative or “change program” will make significant variations in actions which have developed during the period of many decades.

What’s promising however is the fact that with pressure from retail titans like Walgreens, mainstream producers (for example Walgreens own current providers) will “follow their leed” and start offering more eco-friendly product options. Listed here are a couple of from the products presently obtainable in their Mira Mesa (SD) Location

Healthy Occasions- Organic Baby Food- Certainly a useful eco-friendly product- particularly if your tired of having to pay for water and starch! Organic babyfood ought to be in each and every grocery/pharmacy in the usa. I would suggest the product to the parent looking to get their baby off and away to a eco-friendly healthy start. They’ve several choices, all organic, all developed to nurture children’s skin, hair, growth and general well-being. This baby food consists of no refined sugars, chemical preservatives or artificial chemicals.

Biofusion- This really is Walgreens own make of proper hair care items that includes natural elements in to the formulas. Not sure yet regarding the sustainability or social responsibility from the manufacturing process nevertheless the formulas do depend less on chemicals with a lot of syllables to pronounce.

Burt’s Bees- Here’s a great illustration of a mother and pop cottage industry manufacturer that increased right into a nation-wide success…and it is now by using their success to leverage environment progress. Not just are their personal care items naturally based (beeswax) their whole business philosophy centers around supporting “the higher good” using their charitable contributions towards the encouragement of the employees personal growth possibilities.

Clorox Greenworks- This really is Clorox’s make of eco-friendly cleaning items designed to use- within their words ‘environmentally more suitable chemistry’ to attain cleaning results much like Clorox’s toxic/dangerous flagship items. Clorox also adds towards the Sierra Club within the title of the products. (Get Coupons Here)

Natures Source- SC Johnsons eco-friendly plant based cleaning items are eco-friendly and versatile in selection. Take a look at the website to discover much more about these items and just what SC Manley does to assist the atmosphere.

WaterU- Is yet another Walgreens made product. A multiple-use BPA Free water jug that is available in a number of different dimensions. It’s multiple-use and recyclable also it does not retain the dangerous BPA traces in typical canned water containers.

So while eco-friendly items happen to be provided within this location there’s a definite focus on the architectural finish of sustainability. I know it’s tough shifting from very long time distributor associations however there’s really not good reason Walgreens can’t offer more eco-friendly product options for a few of their best selling products.

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