What is Agile Health Insurance?

Agile Health Insurance is a gap health insurance provider, also known as a short term health insurance provider. The company offers lightweight health insurance plans that provide moderate protection at minimal cost.

Agile Health Insurance and other short-term health insurance providers have continued to flourish – despite the fact that the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was supposed to reduce the demand.

In any case, business is booming for Agile Health Insurance. In 2014, Agile Health Insurance had twice as many policies as the previous year – and business continued to rise over 2015 and 2016, according to Reuters and Scott Lingle, Agile’s senior vice president of business development.

Agile Health Insurance is a subsidiary of Health Insurance Innovations Inc. The company’s health care plans are particularly popular among men and women between ages 50 and 65. Many of these older adults find health care plans on healthcare.gov to be very expensive – so they search for short-term health care plans that “bridge the gap” until Medicare kicks in.

With that in mind, Agile Health Insurance claims it can cut your health insurance costs in half, helping you save “over $204 per month”, according to the official website.

How Does Agile Health Insurance Work?

Agile Health Insurance describes itself as “term health insurance”. It advertises its plans as a “flexible alternative to Obamacare”.

The company offers a number of plans with different features and coverage. Typically, according to the website, they’re about half the cost of Obamacare plans.

Plans also claim to offer access to a broad range of healthcare providers, including dental discounts and customization options from 1 month to 11 month plans. Other features and benefits of Agile include:

-Best Rates: Agile claims to offer the best rates on short-term health insurance.

-Flexible Protection: You can buy short-term insurance coverage ranging from 30 days to 364 days.

-Fast Approval: You can be approved in as little as 15 minutes and begin accessing your benefits as soon as the next day.

-Dental Insurance: You can buy separate dental insurance plans to bundle with your short-term health insurance.

What’s Covered by Agile Health Insurance?

Agile Health Insurance coverage varies widely between plans. Make sure you understand exactly what’s covered by your plan before you sign up: the short-term health insurance industry is notorious for poor coverage and lightweight plans that look good at first glance – but fail to adequately cover you when you need medical care.

Nevertheless, Agile Health Insurance claims to cover all of the major things covered by other health insurance plans, including:

-Doctor visits


-Emergency Care

-Lab Tests


Agile also claims that their members enjoy low premiums and broad access to a wider network of health care providers – two benefits typically associated with short-term health insurance. Basically, you pay less for less coverage, but also get access to a wider range of health care providers. If you need any type of medical care, you’re going to pay more – which is why short-term health insurance functions as more of an emergency solution.

Who Should Purchase Agile Health Insurance Plans?

Short-term health care plans aren’t ideal for everyone. Agile claims most of their customers come from the following demographics:

-People of any age under 65 in good overall health (which means you’re not covered by Medicare)

-People who need health insurance for a specific period of time (like when they’re transitioning between jobs)

-Young adults who are no longer insured through their parents’ health care plans

-Foreign students attending American schools

-People who need health insurance outside of the ACA enrolment period but who don’t qualify for a Special Enrollment Period

-Retirees in good health who are too young to enroll in Medicare but too old to qualify for their employer’s health care plan

Should You Sign Up for Agile Health Insurance?

Agile Health Insurance, found online at AgileHealthInsurance.com, is a relatively new website that promises to make it easy for consumers to purchase low-cost alternatives and supplements to Obamacare/ACA health care plans.

Short-term health care providers like Agile are typically popular among those who need “gap” coverage between jobs or those over the age of 50 who don’t want to pay for health care, aren’t old enough for Medicare, but still want basic health care coverage.

Agile Health Insurance is a subsidiary of Health Insurance Innovations, a publicly-traded company (NASDAQ: HIIQ) based in Florida.

As long as you understand the limits of short-term health care, and you fully understand what’s covered by your Agile health insurance plan, short-term health care like Agile is an alternative option for those who don’t want to pay for traditional health insurance plans.

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